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Learning, friendship and fun - for EVERYONE!

Thames View Primary School

Learning, friendship and fun - for EVERYONE!


Welcome to Elstar Class!

Teacher: Miss Still
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Laker



Elstar Apple. 
The Elstar was parented by the Golden Delicious in the Netherlands in the 1950’s. It is a popular dessert eating apple and is widely grown across Europe. It’s skin is marbled, combining golden yellow with deep red. It’s lemon-white flesh is said to have the taste of honey. 

We are looking forward to our next topic PIRATES! We hope you have a safe and enjoyable Easter break and look forward to seeing you in term 5.

Pirates- Term 5



Ahoy there matey! Welcome to our new topic Pirates! Come and join us as we navigate through our learning and explore uncharted topics. We are keen to expand our knowledge and enjoy challenging ourselves.  So come aboard our pirate ship, we cannot wait to share our learning with you next term. 

Digging Dinosaurs- Term 4


Stomp, crash, RRRAGH! Watch out everyone - the dinosaurs are on the prowl!

They’re rampaging across the dusty earth, swishing their enormous tails and baring their fearsome teeth...
Let’s explore the Dinosaur Planet! 

Doyouthinkhesawus? Yes he did… RUN!


What was a dinosaur? 
Dinosaurs were land-living reptiles which inhabited the planet millions of years ago. They are a group of extinct reptiles that lived between the Triassic (about 237 million years ago) and the end of the Cretaceous (66 million years ago). As the dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago, we can now see their skeletons in museums.

Interesting facts about Dinosaurs

  • Dinosaur is the name given the variety of extinct animals that roamed the world during the Mesozoic era
  • Dinosaurs live in every continent on Earth
  • More than 700 different species have been discovered worldwide.
  • Most Dinosaurs were herbivores, they had a diet consisting of different plant life, others were carnivores and either hunted for meat or animals.
  • Scientists believe that the event leading to the extinction may have been a massive asteroid impact or huge volcanic activity.
  • The first Dinosaur to be formally named was the Megalosaurus, back in 1824.
  • A person who studies dinosaurs is known as a paleontologist.


Did you know?

Scientists now think that even large dinosaurs like Tyrannosaurus Rex may have had feathers!



What we are covering this term:


In English, we shall be reading lots of non-fiction books about dinosaurs to inspire your children to create some super descriptive writing using a wide variety of adjectives and conjunctions.

Later in the term we shall be looking at letter writing and poetry. 

Finally we shall we writing our own non-fiction pamphlets about dinosaurs using all the learning from Science, Topic and English.


  • Count to 50 forwards and backwards, beginning with 0 or 1, or from any number.
  • Count, read and write numbers to 50 in numerals.
  • Identifying one more or one less to 50.
  • Identify and represent numbers using objects and pictorial representations including the number line, and use the language of: equal to, more than, less than (fewer), most, least.
  • Count in multiples of twos, fives and tens.

It is really important that you keep yourself safe. While having fun on the computers at school we will also spend some time thinking about how to keep yourself when you are playing computer games and when you are on your ipads and tablets at home. 


Get ready for a term of brilliant learning!