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Learning, friendship and fun - for EVERYONE!

Thames View Primary School

Learning, friendship and fun - for EVERYONE!


Welcome to Liberty Class!

Teacher: Mrs Poulter
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Inkpen



Liberty apple was developed in Geneva in the late 1960’s. It has a red skin and juicy flesh. It is grown mainly across the east of the United States and is ideal for growing in back gardens. It is famous for being used to make pink applesauce! 


Our topic for this term is Emergency 999!

So far the children have been learning a lot about what it would have been like to be a soldier in World War 1. They have loved acting out being in the trenches, standing still for a period of time while on guard, thinking about the horrific conditions in the trenches and learning about what the soldiers would have eaten.


We have also learned about Remembrance Day. The children have written a thank you note to the soldiers on a red poppy. This week they are going to be writing an acrostic poem on remembrance using the word THANK YOU or POPPIES.Image result for poppy


Next week (Week 4 - 19.11.18), the children will be writing in the style of non-fiction writing and learning to use headings and sub-headings to organise our work.

Then we will be moving on to learning about the Titanic! We have a fabulous P.E. lesson today where they had a challenge using 2 hoops to a pair of children and finding a way of getting from one side of the hall to the other without taking their feet out of the 2 hoops! We imagined we were crossing the Atlantic Ocean and stepping on icebergs! Great fun!


In Maths this week we have bene recapping on addition - learning to add 2 x 2-digit numbers, drawing the tens and ones to represent this and then re-grouping 10 ones to find the total.

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Please keep using the Rock Star website- the children love trying to beat their score out of 60 and their time each week. This is great for multiplication and division practice of the 2, 5 and 10 x tables.