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Learning, friendship and fun - for EVERYONE!

Thames View Primary School

Learning, friendship and fun - for EVERYONE!


Welcome to Opal Class

Teacher: Miss Barnett
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Brown



The Opal Apple.
The Opal is a modern apple derived from the Topaz apple and is cultivated in Czechoslovakia. The Opal grows best in warm, dry conditions and is said to be disease resistant. It’s golden, yellow flush hides a tart, yellow flesh.



Our Topic is Landmarks of London

Our focus text is Mary Poppins



I will leave this up the links for yesterdays activities so you can go back to those and complete if you wish. (Scroll to the bottom of the page - for world book day activities) 

Friday 2nd March 2018 - Snow work
Hello Opal Class

I thought it would a good idea today to write some riddles. ( I think you did lots of work on these in Year 2) 

Here are some examples of weather riddles. You can write yours about the snow or something you use / build in the snow or if you want a change you can choose a different type of weather. Riddles can rhyme but they do not have to. See if you can solve these then write your own:

I am something which cannot be seen
I’m measured on the Beaufort scale
I help to keep a kite in the air
And I am what helps ships to sail

This isn’t a difficult riddle
It won’t leave you in a muddle
The answer is what falls from a cloud
And then leaves behind a puddle

You see it rise in the morning
And set when the day is done
It provides us with light and heat
It’s a star that’s called the _ _ _

Taken from:-

For Maths today you could do some measuring. 
Please find things to measure (length) in your home. You can draw a chart and make an estimate (A careful guess). You can then measure to see if you are correct and record the answer.

If you don't have a ruler at home you could use a non-standard unit of measure such as your hand, a cube, a piece of pasta, a piece of string.

PSHE :- 

In my assembly I talked about how you are all special. (It's Good To be Me) 
You could write a reminder to someone to tell them why they are special to you.

Have a good day and weekend, stay safe. Hope to see you all on Monday.

Miss Barnett.