Thames View Primary School

Learning, friendship and fun - for EVERYONE!

Thames View Primary School

Learning, friendship and fun - for EVERYONE!


Welcome to Pioneer Class!

Teacher: Mrs Willson
Teaching Assistant: Mr Mant



The Pioneer apple is an heirloom apple. It has a rich, tart flavour, and was cultivated from the Orange Pippin in 1839 and is mostly produced in Canada. It has an attractive dark red skin and white flesh. It’s flavour fades if kept stored for too long. 

Snow Day


The weather continues to make life interesting. We hope you are keeping yourselves warm and safe during this time as well as having lots of fun.   I have been keeping myself busy making snow angels, building snowmen and making sure my children do not beat me in a snowball fight!
I have added a SPAG homework sheets to the documents at the bottom. We did start the first sheet at the start of term but I have included the sheets for the rest of the term. One of the tasks suggested yesterday was writing a snow poem which I hope inspired many of you to pick up a pen or pencil. It certainly inspired Ottilie, who sent in an amazing poem which I would like to sure.


The Ballerinas by Ottilie

The ballerinas
Slowly pirouette as they dance towards
The stage of white that lies beneath them,
Dainty feet en pointe on an ivory sea.

The ballerinas:
Their icy dresses spinning as they twirl,
The biting wind carefully placing them in its
Breezy arms and lifting them up high above its head.

The ballerinas:
Oh, how they dance!
The audience of trees with their beady eyes
Sit in appreciation of muted elegance.

The ballerinas:
Fragile little things they become
As they sink to the floor of the stage
Only to rise again triumphant.

The ballerinas:
Float away gradually
Heading towards their finale
Flowers to mark their watery grave.

The performance is over.

The River Medway