Thames View Primary School

Learning, friendship and fun - for EVERYONE!

Thames View Primary School

Learning, friendship and fun - for EVERYONE!


Welcome to Sunrise Class!

Teacher: Mrs Johnson and Mrs Thomas
Teaching Assistant: Kim




Sunrise Apple. 
The sunrise apple is a modern apple developed at the Summerland Research Centre in Canada and it is one of the best early-season apples, harvested in August.  The Sunrise apple produces heavy crops and is perfect for creating sweet apple juice. 


Term 3 

Traditional Tales

This term we will be reading lots of lovely stories with the children. Most of our planned activities will be based on stories such as The Elves and the Shoemaker, The Three Little Pigs, Goldilocks, The Billy Goats Gruff and Snow White. We will be learning about different building materials, investigating porridge and other breakfast cereals, designing our own elves, shoes and building structures (such as bridges) out of different construction materials. We will be learning about how to look after and respect each other’s property (unlike Goldilocks!) and we will be thinking about how our actions affect those around us. Thursday’s Physical Development lessons this term will be dance based. We will be learning dance routines linked to the stories.


Winter Activities

Ideas for you to do on cold wintery days........




 * If you would like to get creative, you could design a scarf with repeating patterns - try two or maybe three different colours. 

* Design a snowman and write a sentence about him - has he got twiggy arms and a carrot for a nose?

* Practise your scissor control activity - try making paper snowflakes, remember to keep your scissors straight and turn the paper! 



Term 2  

Festivals and Celebrations.

We are looking at different celebrations in our own country and around the world.  He will enjoy talking about birthdays, weddings, Guy Fawkes Night, Armistice Day, Diwali and Christmas.  We will be finding out how people around the world celebrate these at these times. 

We are working hard learning new songs to perform in our Christmas play.  You will be able to enjoy the show in December.  



Some fun activity ideas you could have a go at home!

You could draw a picture of the fun you have had at the weekends.  Write a few sentences about the adventure you have had. 
Do not forget your capital letters, fingers spaces or full stops.  Make sure you slide into each letter and flick out!
Have you got a pack of cards or numbers cards at home?

Ask your grown up, sibling or friend to play this game with you. 
Put the pile of cards face down. Take it in turns to turn a card over, do not say the number on the card, instead say the number which is one less. The person who says the number the quickest, wins the card.  Who will have the most amount of cards at the end? Next you could play the game saying one more.  Challenge yourself to say two more or less! 


We hope you have had a lovely summer holiday. We are looking forward to spending lots of time with you and getting to know you better. 



This term we will be learning all about you! We will find out about the different parts of your body and how they work. Can you hokey kokey? 


What is inside your body that helps it to grow and move?


Perhaps you might be able to tell us about your home and the people you share your home with. What does your home look like? Does it have steps leading to the front door? Do you have a garden? How many bedrooms does your home have?
Can you draw a picture of your home to bring in to show us?



This term we will also find out about feelings, what can make our feelings change, and how to understand what our friends are feeling. How are you feeling today?