Thames View Primary School

Learning, friendship and fun - for EVERYONE!

Thames View Primary School

Learning, friendship and fun - for EVERYONE!

Who's Who

Meet the Team at Our School


Head Teacher   Deputy Head Teacher Inclusions Manager
Mrs K Norman      Mrs W Riddington Miss P Stalker



Nursery Year R
Miss S Taylor - Teacher Mrs C Adshead - Teacher
Mrs A Nicholson - Deputy Mrs L Johnson - Teacher
Mrs C Barton - Teaching Assistant Mrs L Thomas - Teacher
  Mrs M Stevens -Teaching Assistant
  Mrs K Stanford - Teaching Assistant


Year 1 Year 2
Miss E Still - Teacher Mrs A Bradshaw - Teacher
Mrs K Thompson - Teacher Mrs R Poulter - Teacher
Mrs H Smart - Teacher Mrs L Inkpen - Teaching Assistamt
Mrs A Laker - Teaching Assistant Ms K Roose - Teaching Assistant
Mrs G Kelly - Teaching Assistant Mrs G Tremain - Teaching Assistant
  Mrs C Marsh - Teaching Assistant


Year 3 Year 4
Miss R Barnett -Teacher Miss P Kaur - Teacher
Mr L Poole - Teacher Mr K Tiernan / Miss P Stalker - Teacher
Mrs A Brown - Teaching Assistant Mrs P Archbold - Teaching Assistant
Mrs P Carey - Teaching Assistant Mrs T Smith - Teaching Assistant
  Mrs A Newman - Teaching Assistant


Year 5 Year 6
Miss R Law - Teacher Mrs L Gulvin - Teacher
Miss A Springate - Teacher Mrs N Willson - Teacher
Mrs P Nolan - Teaching Assistant Mrs H Broom - Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Jack - Teaching Assistant Mr M Mant - Teaching Assistant
  Miss A Reid - Teaching Assistant
  Mrs S Garrett - Teaching Assistant

Office Team

Mrs J Coombes

Mrs S Horne

Mrs S Johnson

Mrs T Camburn

Mrs J Fillier

Clerical Assistant

Clerical Assistant

Clerical Assistant

Clerical Assistant



Mr R Holloway

Mr P Jarvis


Mid-day Meals Supervisors Team

Mrs C Barton Mrs P Leitao
Mrs T Camburn Mrs C Marsh
Mrs M Carden   Miss S Pollard
Mrs J Clements Mrs B Porter
Mrs P Furnell Miss A Reid
Mrs S Garrett Mrs K Stanford
Mrs J Higginson Mrs M Stevens
Mrs H Hopkins Mrs P Wheeler

Crossing Patrol Bloors Lane
Mrs L. Inkpen
Contract Cleaning
Grade One
Sunshine Out of Hours Club 
Mrs A Thomas
contact tel. 01634 386195