Thames View Primary School

Learning, fun and achievement for all.

Thames View Primary School

Learning, fun and achievement for all.


Welcome to Blenheim Class!

Teacher: Mrs. Patterson
Teaching Assistant: Mrs. Inkpen


Blenheim is a popular, old English cooking apple, perfect for making Apple Charlotte. It has a nutty, sweet taste and crumbly texture and so is often served with cheese. It has a huge crop, and is often chosen by people who grow apples trees in their gardens.


Term 3

Welcome to Year 5. 

Our Year 5 team are looking forward continuing our year of excellent learning, 

great  fun  and outstanding achievement for all!



One Giant Leap for Mankind!

In Term 3 our focus is on the Earth, Sun and Moon.   

We will learn about the history of space travel and what life is like in space for the astronauts on the International Space Station.

The children will learn all about our Solar System and the relative sizes of and distances between the planets and the Earth, Sun and Moon.   Following this, they will explore how the movement of the Earth and Moon are related to each other and the Sun and how that affects what happens on Earth.

As part of our topic, the children will be investigating dehydrated food to consider how astronauts survive in space.  This will lead into them designing, creating and tasting their own space meals!




Our English lessons are closely linked to our Space topic leading to creating group   magazines to tell younger children all about what they have learned. 

The children will start the term by continuing their work on using figurative language in poetry by reading, writing and performing poems based on the theme of space.  We'll be using marvellous metaphors,  sensational similes and perfect personification!

Our second English project will be to research, role play and write interviews with some famous astronauts of the past or present.  Learn all about and be inspired by Yuri Gagarin, Neil Armstrong, Helen Sharman or Tim Peake and the significance of their achievements in the history of space travel.

Finally, we will be looking to the future and advertising for the space travellers of the future.   How persuasive can we make our radio adverts calling for brave individuals to rise to the challenge of exploring Mars?   It was just such an advert that inspired Helen Sharman to start her cosmic adventures.




In Year 5, children will be reading and discussing books with an adult on a regular basis and they should ensure their reading books and reading records are in school every day.

We ask that all children, even confident readers who prefer to read to themselves, are heard read aloud at home as often as possible.  This does not have to be their school reading book, but anything they enjoy (eg. newspapers, TV guides, leaflets, magazines).  It would be helpful if adults could write a comment in their reading record too.

Children will need to show their reading choices and response to reading regularly

in their Reading Record books.


Our class novel for Term 3 will be 'Cosmic' by Frank Cottrell-Boyce.





 In term 3, the children will continue to be set in groups for their daily Maths lessons and will focus on formal written methods for multiplication, including long multiplication by 2 digits, and division.  They will begin our Spring term unit of work on fractions by ordering fractions, finding equivalent fractions and understanding mixed numbers and improper fractions, including how to convert from one form to the other.

 As children often learn different mental and written methods for number work to those adults at home may have learned or use now, please come and ask if you would like to discuss how best to help them at home.  We will aim to give examples of relevant methods with any homework we send home.