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Thames View Primary School

Learning, fun and achievement for all.


Term 5 Curriculum projects


Here are some projects to think about for term 5.

Our Curriculum title is Spot the Difference!

Week 5

Where in the world is the Kalahari Desert? Watch this video to learn more about this amazing desert.

Get Creative

Activity 1

What do meerkats look like? Can you draw and label a meerkat? What colours would you use?

Picture 1

Get Creative

Activity 2

Can you draw or make a collage of a desert scene? What does a desert look like? Does it have plants, people, and animals? Which materials will you use?

Picture 1
Picture 2

Week 4

If you have a thermometer, put it at different places in your house. Why do you think some places in your home are hotter than others? 
Now, why do you think some places are hotter than others around the world? Which continents are mostly hot or cold? Watch the video link below to learn more?


Week 3

What are hot and cold places like? How are they similar and different from to 'your' local area?

Listen to 'Penguin Small' by Mike Inkpen and 'Follow the Swallow' by Julia Donaldson.

Can you retell the key elements of the stories? 


What are the key features of the hot and cold places visited by the characters in the stories? What might the places be like to live in?


Now, you can choose to compare your local area to cold places or compare your local area to hot places. 

You can either make a list or draw a poster to show all the things which are similar and different.


Picture 1
Picture 1

Term 5 - Week 2

What is the weather like today in ‘your’ place? Watch the weather forecast. What information was included?

Create your own picture weather forecast for the day.

Picture 1

Here are a few useful website to help you explore hot and cold places around the world

Term 4 Curriculum Knowledge Organiser


Here is our curriculum knowledge organiser for Term 4. Our Curriculum title is Where are the Wild Things?