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Learning, fun and achievement for all.

Thames View Primary School

Learning, fun and achievement for all.


Welcome to Discovery Class!

Teacher: Mrs Gulvin
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Broom



The Discovery is one of the most popular early-season English apples and is widely available in the UK from late August to early September. The Discovery apple has a hint of strawberry flavour hidden under its fresh mottled red skin. It is a good apple tree for growing in gardens. 


Y6 Online Learning


As a result of potential school closures, Y6 learning packs have been created to ensure you can keep up to date with your learning.  These are provided as paper packs from the Y6 teachers or as downloads on this page. Included in the pack are:

  • Maths Revision booklet which covers all aspects covered in Y6
  • Six separate Punctuation and Grammar Tests
  • Ten different reading revision tests
  • Ideas for story starters


As well as accessing and using these documents, there are also further learning packs to download, websites and resources to support learning.


Spelling shed   (Individual log ins needed)

Times tables Rock stars (Individual log ins needed)

Five a day maths questions (No log ins required)

My mini maths (No logs in required)

Espresso  (Logs in required- if unknown please email office who will redirect to Mrs Willson)

Sumdog individual log in required

Daily reading


We have included a potential outline for how these packs could be used over a course of ten days - two school weeks. It is important to balance out work over the duration of any school closure with other well-being and physical activities. Answers to any of the tests completed as suggested by the timeline will be uploaded at the start of the Easter holidays.

Term 4- Who were the Maya?


In English, we will be looking at story writing and newspaper writing. Our story focus will be on The Landlady, a rather mysterious, even murderous, tale! We will write our own versions, finding ways to create tension and suspense in our own writing. We will use this story to write our own newspaper reports.




In our whole class reading lessons, we will be continue to read 'Holes'. We will read about the life of Stanley and develop our range of reading skills - Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explaining, Retrieval and Summary.




We will be focusing on a key area of spelling every week and it is vital that we keep up with our spelling shed homework.


In Maths, we will be focusing on algebra, geometry and measurement. Times tables knowledge is always key to this and we will continue to track and support in Times Tables Rock stars.























In our curriculum lessons we will be looking at the ancient Maya civilisation. We will identify where they were based and key dates associated with them. We will learn about the way their society was structured and how life was very different for slaves and rulers. We will learn about their belief systems and how they used sacrifice. Don't worry - no practical work on this!  We will look at the maya number system and see if we can do some simple calculations. No one really knows why the Maya just disappeared - we will look at the evidence and come up with our own theories.



In science, our focus is on the human body. We will looking at how at how our heart and lungs function and the different components of each. We will learn about our blood and how it works to keep us alive and healthy. We will study the effects of not looking after our bodies and how drugs, alcohol and smoking are bad for the body.


In RE, our focus is on Christianity and whether it still considered a strong religion nearly over 2000 years after Jesus was born. We will look at how Christianity still influences daily life within our country.