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Learning, fun and achievement for all.

Thames View Primary School

Learning, fun and achievement for all.


Welcome to Discovery Class!

Teacher: Mrs Gulvin
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Broom



The Discovery is one of the most popular early-season English apples and is widely available in the UK from late August to early September. The Discovery apple has a hint of strawberry flavour hidden under its fresh mottled red skin. It is a good apple tree for growing in gardens. 


Term 2 - Why did Britain lose the Battle of Medway?

Our focus for this term is a key historical event from the local area.


In English, we will be looking at biographies and narrative writing.  Our biography focus will be on Charles Dickens, a key historical figure from the local area. We will find out about his life and works and then write a biography. Children will then be able to write a biography on someone of their own choice who inspires them. We will then use the story 'Gunner's Boy' as a focus for our writing lessons. We will use the story of a young boy joining the British Navy to avenge his father as a stimulus for our own ficitonal writing.


In our whole class reading lessons, we will be reading 'Wonder' which will support our topic on valuing and celebrating differences. We read about the life of Auggie and develop our range of reading skills - Vocabulary, Inference, Prediction, Explaining, Retrieval and Summary.

We will be focusing on a key area of spelling every week and it is vital that we keep up with our spelling shed homework.



In Maths, we will be focusing on fractions. We will be building on and consolidation all of our previous work on fractions by ordering and comparing. We will use our knowledge of fractions to apply the four operations. Times tables knowledge is always key to this and we will continue to track and support us in Times Tables Rock stars.























In our curriculum lessons we will be looking at the dockyard as a place of local importance. We will chart the key events in a timeline and understand how important HMS Victory was to Chatham and Britain. We will then look in more detail at The Dutch Raid - the battle that no-one talks about! We will find out why the British and Dutch were at war and how this raid happened. We will understand why the Dutch were so successful. Jeremy from the Guildhall will come to work with us to help develop our historical understanding of this event.



In science, our focus is on Electricity and Light. We will be looking at how we construct circuits and how the circuit changes when we change components. In light, we will develop our understanding on how we see and how light travels.


In RE, our focus is on Christianity and the Christmas story. We will look at the role Mary has in the story of Jesus' birth and why she was chosen.