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Learning, fun and achievement for all.

Handwriting Help

In Year 3, you should develop fluent handwriting skills, making your writing more consistent and easier to read. Read on to discover the National Curriculum expectations for handwriting in Year 3, and ways to practise your handwriting at home.


Handwriting Expectations:

  • use the diagonal and horizontal strokes that are needed to join letters.
  • increase the legibility, consistency and quality of your handwriting (for example, by ensuring that the downstrokes of letters are parallel and equidistant; that lines of writing are spaced sufficiently so that the ascenders and descenders of letters do not touch).

Continuous Cursive Handwriting Font



  • The starting point for all the letters is the same; on the writing line.
  • The finishing points for all the letters is also at the writing line; except for o, r, v and w which have a top exit stroke.
  • The single letter formations are taught with the entry and exit strokes, this makes the transition from single letter formation to joined handwriting very straightforward and allows it to occur sooner.

Letter Families

In Year 3, we teach the letters in groups/families, based on how they are formed, not alphabetical order.

Teaching letters in groups or families can help to limit letter reversals such as b and d. 


Handwriting Grip

Every child is different, developing the skills needed to hold a pencil at a different time to their peers. Most children, however, have developed a three finger tripod pencil grip by the age of 5/6. This is considered the most appropriate pencil grip, for right and left-handed writers, as it allows the fingers and wrist to work together to provide a more free flowing movement.

Crocodile Snap Pencil Grasp Children's Song

Crocodile Snap is a children's song designed to help children improve the fine motor skills the need to hold a pencil.

Kidz Skillz Presents: Grip That Pencil!

Magical Molly demonstrates two cool (and proper) ways to grip a pencil for children!

Hand Gym (for fine motor skills)

Commonly Confused Letters to Practise