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Learning, fun and achievement for all.

Thames View Primary School

Learning, fun and achievement for all.


Welcome to Kanzi Class!

Teachers: Mr Slack
Teaching Assistant: Miss Reid



Kanzi Apple

Kanzi was developed in 2006 and is mostly grown in the Netherlands. It has an orange-red skin and is a firm, crisp apple which is slightly sharp rather than sweet and juicy. Kanzi apples are an unusual blend of juicy Gala and tangy, sweet Braeburn giving a well-balanced sweet and sour flavour, creating apples full of flavour and goodness.


Term 1 - People who help us



Our topic this term is focusing on people who help us in school and out! We will be learning about the Emergency Services and practising key skills about fire safety and calling 999! We will also look at people in school who the children might not see everyday but help the school in many different ways.


In English, we are creating a non-fiction booklet about the emergency services with some facts and information about the Police, the Fire Brigade and Paramedics. We will also be using the e-book The Zoo Vet to write a story based on helping others.


In Maths, we are focusing on number and place value, and adding and subtracting within 10.


Science will look at seasonal change and the human body.


For further information, please see our termly newsletter.