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Learning, fun and achievement for all.

Thames View Primary School

Learning, fun and achievement for all.


Welcome to Opal Class

Teacher: Mrs Elliott
Teaching Assistants: Mrs Nolan, Mrs Smith and Mrs Bomers



The Opal Apple
The Opal is a modern apple derived from the Topaz apple and is cultivated in Czechoslovakia. The Opal grows best in warm, dry conditions and is said to be disease resistant. It’s golden, yellow flush hides a tart, yellow flesh.

Term 4


Where in the world can I find amazing plants?


This term, we will be learning about the weird and wonderful plants of the world, as we find out about the flora in all seven continents of the world. The children will be able to locate continents and countries on a world map, identify climate zones and biomes (and the plants that grow in them), and explore ways in which humans use plants.


Our English, reading and music lessons will be inspired by our next performance - "There's a Sunflower in my Supper". As well as rehearsing and performing in this udderly adorable moosical (!), the children will be writing a story, poems and an informative poster about mega-diversity.

Picture 1

It's A Lovely Day!

Don't Mess With Mr Bull!

Come To My Stall

Little Seeds, Big Seeds

It Can't Do It On Its Own

Wonderful Wildlife

We Sowed A Seed

We will continue to use Spelling Shed in our spelling lessons and for spelling homeworks; these can be accessed online by following the link in the Useful Weblinks section below.



Maths, the topics for the term are measuring length and perimeter, and fractions. The children will also develop their ability to solve a range of problems, including with simple fractions and decimal place value. We use  Times Tables Rockstars to encourage the children and challenge them to secure their knowledge of the 2, 5 and 10 times tables; they are expected to know these, and the 3, 4 and 8 times tables by the end of Year 3. The link for Times Table Rockstars is in the Useful Weblinks section below.
Picture 1

In science, our topic is also plants. The children will learn about the functions of the different parts of a plant, what plants need in order to live and grow, water transportation, and the lifecycle of flowering plants.


In art, the children will continue to develop their drawing and painting skills with constant observation, attention to detail and patience. They will be drawing and painting leaves, trees and flowers, and learn how to create depth and tone in their artwork. 


In Computing, the children will become virtual designers as they extend their drawing skills to create 3D models using SketchUp. Children will learn how to create simple and complex 3D models, add detail, and manipulate 3D models using a variety of tools to create their own room.

Picture 1
Picture 1

In Religious Education, our theme for this term is Easter. Our key question for this enquiry is: What is good about Good Friday? The children will learn to recall key events in the Easter story and understand why Jesus’ crucifixion symbolises hope for Christians. 

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Picture 2

Reading at Thames View

Regular practice at home will make a real difference!

Children in Year 3 should read most nights of the week for at least 15-20 minutes.

Try to read a range of texts such as stories, information books, picture books, newspapers and poetry.

Record the books you read in your Reading Record Book. There is also space for you to write a comment about your book. You will need to ask an adult to initial your book each time you to show that they are taking an interest in your reading.

Book Reviews

After every 5 weeks, there is a page for you to choose one book you have read in the last month to review. This does not have to be your favourite book and you do not have to wait until the end of the month to complete this.

Homework in Year 3


  1. Read daily for at least 15-20 minutes. Reading Record Books are collected every Monday.
  2. Learn 10 words on the weekly spelling list. These words are also on Spelling Shed and the children need to play at least 5 games on their homework assignment each week.
  3. Learn the 3,4 and 8 times tables using Times Table Rockstars. Children need to play in the Studio to improve their Rock Status.


Children may also choose from the Homework Challenges on the attached grid. These are designed to inspire those children who want to deepen their learning. The grid will be updated each term.



Some Important Information


Fruit Tuck Shop - morning playtimes. 10p per piece of fruit or cup of fruit juice.

Playtime snacks should be fruit only. Children should only have tap water in their water bottles. 

Please can all property and clothing be named, including gloves, hats, PE kits, water bottles etc. We do try every day to return all named lost property where we find items in the Year 3 area. There is lost property box in the main hall which is also worth checking if children have mislaid their property elsewhere in the school.


Outdoor P.E – Football

Indoor P.E – Dance


Please remember that your child will need suitable clothing for outdoor PE, bearing in mind the weather will continue to be cold this term. Please also ensure that children are able to remove their earrings and watches and tie their hair back on PE days - these are Wednesday and Thursday.


Many thanks for your continued support.


Mrs Elliott

Opal Class Teacher