Thames View Primary School

Learning, friendship and fun - for EVERYONE!

Thames View Primary School

Learning, friendship and fun - for EVERYONE!

Our School and British Values

Our Ethos


Our vision and values are at the core of everything we do. They underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens.  Our school ethos is based on the celebration of the principles of our Mission Statement.


Our Mission Statement

'At Thames View School, we are committed to providing an outstanding education.
We work in partnership with parents to achieve academic success within a caring and secure environment.


We motivate and engage children to become life-long learners by delivering enjoyable lessons that inspire and promote creativity.


We aim to prepare the pupils to be flexible, resilient, resourceful and respectful to all so they are ready to take their place as honest, trustworthy and hard-working citizens, in a constantly changing world.'



In order to develop and become happy, fulfilled members of our community,
children and staff need:



Children and staff are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning. We want to promote lifelong learning throughout the school community including children, staff, governors and parents. There is a responsibility by all to promote a positive approach to behaviour management and the following of the School Rules. Children are encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions through discussion, such as at Circle Time, where they have the opportunity to discuss their concerns and worries, as well as celebrate their successes. Children are given a voice in order to contribute to the decisions made in the schools, through the School Council, as part of surveys and they are actively encouraged to voice their opinions as individuals.


New Experiences

We aim to provide a wide and stimulating variety of new experiences for all in our community.


Praise and Recognition

We aim to raise self-esteem of all by stressing the positive through frequent praise and encouragement.


Care and Security

We aim to provide enough routine within the school day to give everybody the security they need within a caring environment and where each person is valued.


To Promote Sustainability

Children and staff are encouraged to take responsibility for promoting sustainability throughout the schools in promoting recycling, energy and water conservation, promoting our travel plan, etc. and generally creating an ethos that takes account of our responsibility to protect our world.


Equal Opportunities

The school is committed to provide the best possible opportunity to all children and staff, for their achievement and development regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, disability, special need, class or religion. This includes travellers, asylum seekers and refugees. All children should have equal access to the curriculum and the right to an exciting learning environment that dispels ignorance, prejudice and stereotyping- this includes children with special educational needs.

The whole school community has the right to protection from insults, abuse, harassment, bullying and racism and any such behaviour will not be tolerated. The school is committed to work towards racial equality.

We promote diversity and community cohesion is part of our focused work.

This is essential for the healthy self-esteem, happiness and motivation of each member of the school community.


Parents as Partners

Parents are the child’s first and most important teachers. Both home and school should share the same mutual aspiration- that each child should reach his/her full potential. In order to achieve this we must work in close partnership with each other. The school has a Home – School Agreement, a Parent Policy and a Homework Policy that are reviewed regularly, in consultation with Parents. We regularly survey parents on issues and general matters in order to incorporate their views as part of our decision-making.