Thames View Primary School

Learning, fun and achievement for all.

Thames View Primary School

Learning, fun and achievement for all.

Term 6 Week 3

Term 3 Week 3

Maths - Home Learning

English - Home Learning

Wednesday - Tell me a story

Just like last week, today you are going to be authors again! You are going to write your own Little Miss story based on the picture attached. It does not have to be a long story, however there are some things which you MUST include. Open up the pdf for more detail. We look forward to reading your stories!

Friday - English with Mr Men

Have a go at these different Mr Men themed activities. The first is a sequencing activity, where you need to listen to the story and then order the statements. The second is matching the characters to their jobs. The Bonus activity is working out which character the riddles are describing and the challenge is for you to write one of your own.

                                                Reading - Home Learning

Curriculum - Home Learning

Monday - Jumping for Judaism

You need to research and create a poster that tells us about Judaism. You MUST include at least 5 facts written in sentences. You may want to include some labelled pictures and drawings of items. Some things you may want to research: Their religious symbol, holy festivals, holy book/script, religious objects, place of worship, traditions and stories. Some key words to help: Torah, Passover, Sedar Meal, Synagogue, Hanukkah, Menorah, Rabbi and Star of David. This can be done on paper, as a word document or even as a powerpoint.

Tuesday- Celebrating Diversity

Have you ever met someone who was different to you and you have thought wow they are so interesting or cool? Could it be that they speak another language? They are really tall? Maybe their family is different to yours? Today's activity is about recognising that we are all different, but that this is what makes us special. After reading the documents attached, your task today is to draw yourself and a friend and label all the things that make you different and special.

The Day You Begin - Read Aloud Picture Book | Brightly Storytime

Tuesday- Chef's up

Thursday - Who am I?

Today's activity is going to require some creativity from you. You need to dress up as best as you can as your favourite Mr Men or Little Miss character and then post a picture to your class' group. Can they work out which character you are? Remember don't tell us the name of the character, unless we guess it correctly.

Friday - Quiz Master Fun

Friday - Find the hidden stars

Can you find all 15?

Geography - Country Close Up