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Learning, fun and achievement for all.

Thames View Primary School

Learning, fun and achievement for all.


Term 6 

Week 2

Have a look at the pictures of the islands? Who might live there? What might happen on the island? See if you can write a story based on the islands!

How would you describe a whale? Look at the two pictures and see if you can come up with some amazing adjectives to describe the whales! You might be able to write a story about one!
Week 1

Actiivity 1

Look at the front cover of the book. Can you predict what the book is about? Write down your predictions.


I predict that.........

Now read or click on the link on the class webpage to listen/watch to ‘The Storm Whale’. Were your predictions right?

Activity 2

Did you enjoy the story?  Write a book review  to tell us what you thought of the book.  

  • What the was book about?
  • How many stars will you give the book out of three?
  • What was your favourite part of the story? Why?
  • Who was your favourite character? Why?
  • Would you recommend this book to anyone? Why

Activity 3

Have you ever witnessed a storm? 

What images come to mind when you think of a ‘storm’? What can you see? What sounds can you hear? How do you feel?

Write down a list of adjectives you can use to describe a storm.

Activity 4

What happens in a storm? What can you see? What sounds can you hear? How do you feel?

Draw a picture of a storm, label it and write sentences to describe it using  your adjectives from Activity 3.

Term 5 - Week 5

Activity 1

Can you retell what happened in the story ‘Meerkat Mail’. Which part of the story was your favourite?

What do you know about meerkats: their appearance, habitat, diet and how they live? Watch this video to find out more. Make sure you make notes as you watch.

Activity 2 

Meerkat Fact File

You’re going write a fact file about meerkats like we did for tigers and polar bears previously in school.

Do you remember the features of a non-fiction text?

1. Title: Meerkats or Kalahari Meerkats

2. Introduction (where you say a little bit about meerkats)

3. Facts which are divided into subheadings

4. Pictures

Today, you're going to write about:

Where meerkats come from,  Where they live and  How they live.


Watch the video again and use your notes to do your writing.

Activity 3

Meerkat Fact file

You're going to write the next fact under the subheading:


Which family of animals do meerkats belong to? What do they look like? Describe the appearance of meerkats.

Activity 4

Meerkat Fact file

Finally, write some facts about the diet of meerkats.

What do meerkats eat? How do the search for food? Does everyone in the gang go on the search or do others perform special roles?


Which other facts did have learnt about meerkats? Remember to draw your pictures!

Week 4
Read/listen to Meerkat Mail

Activity 1

What things would you take with you on holiday? Would it change based on where you were going? What things would you need and what would you want?

Activity 2

Making a prediction! What do you think will happen in the story? What other animals might there be? Where might it be set?

Activity 3

Can you list the countries visited in the book? What was special about them? Can you find some information about them?

Term 5 - Week 3
Read/listen to 'Lost and Found'. 

Activity 1 

Can you retell the story in your own words? What happened at the beginning, middle and end? Can you act out your favourite part of the story?

Activity 2

Do you have favourite toy? What is its name? Who gave it to you? What does it look like? How does it feel to touch?

Draw and describe your favourite toy. How would you feel if you were ever to lose it?


Activity 3

What did the boy do to try and help the penguin? Have you ever helped someone or an animal? Why did they need your help? What did you do to help them. Write all about that happened and what you did to help them.

Activity 4

What do you know about Antarctica? What does it look like? Which animals live there? Does it have any plants? Do people live there?

Go through the power point presentation and click to watch the video. Can you write a fact file about Antarctica?

Term 5 - Week 2

Read/listen to Handa's Surprise.


Activity 1

Create puppets to help you retell the story to an adult or sibling. Did you use adjectives to describe?

Activity 2 - Retell of the story in your own words .

Remember to use time conjunctions!

  • First, write the beginning of the story in your own words. Don’t forget to describe the characters and setting!
  • Next, write the middle of the story in your own words. What was the problem that kept happening? Did you use adjectives to describe?
  • Finally write about what happened at the end of the story. How did the characters feel? Did you enjoy the story? What was your favourite part?
Here are some story prompts. Don't forget to add adjectives, capital letters and full stops!