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Learning, fun and achievement for all.

Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Fortune Class                                 Liberty Class

Teacher: Mrs Bradshaw                                         Teacher: Miss Kaur

Teaching Assistant: Ms Roose                            Teaching Assistant: Mrs Garrett 

What to expect this term...

Term 6 - We like to Move it, Move it!

Our Big Question for the term is 'What is so cool about Rio ?', which focuses our English, Geography and Art learning on Rio de Janerio. We will start the term with a Carnival launch day where we will look at the Brazilian love of football, the Rio Olympics, the Portuguese language, samba dancing and make Ojos de Dios. Throughout the term, we will be using a variety of geography skills such as map work, asking and answering geographical questions and developing our vocabulary to learn all about Rio de Janeiro. We will then go on to compare Rio de Janeiro with Kent.


Our English writing this term will be based on the film RIO. This film will be used to give the children an opportunity to explore writing to inform and writing to entertain. We will be looking to write a travel guide on Rio de Janeiro, a persuasive letter to send Year 2 to Rio de Janeiro for our school trip, a narrative piece on the kidnapping of the birds and an animal entry on different creatures found in Brazil for a class encyclopedia.


At the beginning of term, in Maths, we will review the properties of 3D shapes, using vocabulary such as vertices, faces and edges. Within this unit of work, we will review our understanding of lines of symmetry in shapes and everyday objects. We will then use our understanding of number facts up to and including 10 to secure our 2 digit subtract 2 digit skills. We will also develop our measurement skills, focusing on units of time and how to read an analogue clock up to 5 minute intervals.


Please see the topic web below for more information.


Children will be expected to read most nights in the week for at least 10 minutes.


Our Wednesday P.E afternoon will be outside as often as possible so please make sure that your child comes in to school in the correct kit. Please also ensure that hair is tied back and that earrings are removed. PE this term develops our Athletics skills ahead of Tokyo 2021.



Term 6 Topic Web for We like to Move it Move it!

How can you support your child?


Please ensure you are regularly accessing the online resource 'Times Tables Rock stars'. In Year 2, we focus on the 2, 5 & 10 times tables and this resource is a fun way to support this. The children are able to collect coins as they complete questions correctly and use these coins to change the appearance of their avatars. It is expected by the END of Year 2, that your child knows the 2, 5 and 10 times tables. If you lose/forget your login or have any queries, please see the class teacher.



Please ensure that your child is reading frequently for at least 10 minutes at a time, at least 5 times each week. It is important that your child is reading regularly as this helps them with all their subjects as well as broadening their own vocabulary and knowledge. We encourage your child to read a range of texts, from fictional stories to leaflets to magazines to menus etc. There are opportunities to read all around us. 



Please ensure that you are regularly accessing the online resource Spelling Shed. Each week there will be new spellings for your child to practise in fun, different ways. There will be weekly spelling tests on the phonemes that have been set each week. There will also be an extra set of spellings running alongside the weekly ones, which we will NOT be testing weekly. These spellings will be the Year 2 Common Exception Words, which the children are expected to be able to read and spell independently by the END of Year 2. If you lose/forget your login or have any queries, please see the class teacher. 




Homework is set weekly each Friday on Edmodo. You do not need to print off your child's work and to bring into school. Edmodo allows work to be uploaded online. If you are unsure or experiencing any issues please contact the class teacher.

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