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Learning, fun and achievement for all.

Thames View Primary School

Learning, fun and achievement for all.

Year 5



Welcome to Year 5 everyone! 

Our Year 5 team are looking forward to a year of

excellent learning, great fun and outstanding

achievement for all!


Class Teachers

Mrs. Patterson (Blenheim) & Miss Springate (Windsor)


Teaching Assistants

Miss Reid, Mrs. Tremain & Mrs. Bomers


Friday Club

Miss Reid



Welcome back for Term 6. 

We are looking forward to our final term together where we will become Time Travellers and journey back in time to find out how our local area has changed.


Term 5 Curriculum






Our final units of work for writing this year include a narrative based on an animation called 'The Piano' where we will learn how to use a flashback technique to include a memory in a story and revise ways of writing more complex sentences.  Following that, we will be learning more about a famous author with strong links to the history of our local area - Charles Dickens - and writing an autobiography of his life.  As we end the story of our time in Year 5, we will return to narrative writing to write the ending to a story we have been reading!






In Year 5, we will be reading and discussing books and other texts daily 

and children should ensure their reading books and reading contact books are

also in school every day.

We ask that all children, even confident readers who prefer to read to

themselves, are heard read aloud at home as often as possible. 

This does not have to be their school reading book, but anything they enjoy

(eg. newspapers, TV guides, leaflets, magazines). 

It would be helpful if adults could write a comment in their Reading Contact books too.

Children will need to show their reading choices and response to what they have

read regularly in their Reading Contact books and will be given ideas for

how to do this in class.

In addition, we encourage the children to review what they have read and to make recommendations to their classes in our Book Club threads on Edmodo.  We look forward to seeing where their reading has taken them!





Our final novel study this year will be 'Sky Song' by Abi Elphinstone.


 It is a fantastic story set in the imaginary kingdom of Erkenwald where whales glide between icebergs, wolves hunt on the tundra, polar bears roam the glaciers and three tribes live very different lives.  We join two children, Eska and Flint, on an adventure to rescue the imprisoned tribespeople from the clutches of the evil Ice Queen before she becomes immortal and takes over control of the whole kingdom.  They will have to overcome their differences to succeed and, along the way, will find out what it really means to belong.





As well as practising the year 3 and 4 statutory spellings and introducing the year 5 and 6 statutory spellings, we investigate the year 5 spelling curriculum using a variety of resources and strategies including Spelling Shed, which the children can access at home.  We also encourage children to note down words they have found tricky to spell in their own writing to practise at home too.

This term, our lists will include :





In term 5,  we will be continuing our work on fractions and decimals and introducing the concept of percentages and how they all link together.  This will be followed by developing our understanding of geometry, revising the properties of 2 and 3 dimensional shapes and investigating different types of angles.  Finally, we will review our knowledge of measures and how to work with timetables, thinking about how we apply these in our everyday lives.


We keep working on securing our knowledge of our times tables, including knowing all the inverse division facts, as well as reviewing other key skills in arithmetic work.  Multiplication and division facts up to 12 x 12 will continue to be assessed in weekly tests.  Please keep practising at home.  We give ideas for activities as well as the Times Tables Rock Stars website and others (see the link below).


As children often learn different mental and written methods for number work to those you may have learned or use now, please ask your child’s class teacher if you would like to discuss how best to help them at home.  We will aim to give examples of relevant methods with any homework we send home too.






We will become Time Travellers this term and journey back through the history of the River Medway to discover more about why and how the Medway Towns developed.  We will explore the importance of the river not just to the local area over time but also how it had an impact on the history of our nation.


In Science, linking back to our work earlier in the year on plant and animal life cycles as well as our PSHE this term, we will be looking at the human life cycle and how we develop physically and emotionally during our journey through life.





In term 6, both our P.E. sessions on a Tuesday afternoon will be outdoors as

we develop our athletics and cricket skills.  As the weather warms up, it is imperative that children all have appropriate clothing with hats for sun protection and water bottles.  In line with our P.E. policy (see the curriculum pages), children are not allowed to wear jewellery or watches and must have hair of shoulder length or longer safely secured with an appropriate hair tie.





Homework is set on Edmodo ( and children have received

a class code to enable them to become a member.  If they are unable to access the website or have any difficulties, please let us know so we can help or give them an alternative copy.

Every Thursday afternoon, homework will be posted on Edmodo class pages for children to complete and upload by the following Wednesday. ‌


  • Every day they should also aim to be reading aloud at home and reflecting on what they have read in their Reading Contact book. ‌ This can also include books read digitally on Epic where a log is also kept of what they read.
  • Regular practice of spellings (using Spelling Shed or alternatives) and times tables (using Times Tables Rock Stars) is also expected. These will be tested weekly.
  • In addition, there will be weekly tasks to be completed based on our curriculum.  Most weeks, this will be Maths and English.


Please encourage children not to leave their homework to the last minute!   

If they need any help, be sure to message or get them to ask their teacher in class in plenty of time to upload by Wednesday. ‌ If possible, try to get into a routine with a specific time / day / place to complete homework each week.

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