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Learning, fun and achievement for all.

Thames View Primary School

Learning, fun and achievement for all.

Year 6


The staff in Y6 are:

Mrs Willson - Pioneer Teacher                                Mrs Gulvin - Discovery Teacher

Mr Mant - Pioneer Teaching Assistant                    Mrs Broom - Discovery Teaching Assistant

Term 3


Hola Mexico



In English, we will be using the short animation 'Alma' to develop our writing skills. We will be watching the rather spooky animation, developing our descriptive and figuartive writing skills to write our own narratives to accompany the animation. Following that, we will then be researching the famous Mexican festival 'Dia de los Muertos' or as we may know 'Day of the Dead. We will research it's history and customs and write our own information report.



During our reading lessons, we will be reading the text 'Holes'. It is the story of Stanley, who is sent to a youth prison camp in North America. He is one unlucky boy who comes from an unlucky family. Does his luck change. This also supports our PHSE and school values as it promotes fairness, respect, friendship and honesty.

Spellings will be given weekly through spelling shed and the online learning platform will be supported by learning activities within the classroom. Usually tests will take place on a Monday.  All children have been given a log in.


In Maths, our topics will be geometry, decimals, percentages and algebra. We also look at how to calculate using fractions. We are fully aware that there may be gaps due to enforced absence from school but we have built in many opportuntities to ensure that Y5 skills are secure. 


Our big topic is based on Mexico. We will be developing our geography skills and looking at where Mexico is in relation to the UK. We will find out about the different landscapes and climates within Mexico as it is such a varied country. We will explore the culture of the country and begin to identify why tourism is so important and why it is so popular. We will use the famous artist from Mexico Frida Kahlo and learn how to draw proportional faces in our own self-portraits.



In science, we will be learning about the different systems within the human body, but with a particular emphasis on our ciruclatory system. We will learn the functions of the heart, lungs and blood and how they work together to keep us all alive.


Other subjects such as RE, ICT and PE are taught separate to the topic. We will be looking at Christian beliefs about eternity in RE, 3D modelling in ICT and for PE our focus is football and boxing. PE will always be on a Wednesday. Please make sure your child comes into school in the correct kit. They need to be able to do outdoor PE. Please ensure that earrings are not worn. 


Homework will be published every Friday on Edmodo with a deadline of the following Wednesday. If there are any problems accessing Edmodo, please let the Y6 staff know as soon as possible.


Our topic overview and termly planning can be dowloaded below.

Spring 1 2021

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